Spring Semester (HSG FS)

I teach two Time Series courses in the Spring Semester.

1.  Time Series Econometrics (Master's Level)
2.  Linear Time Series Analysis (Bachelor's level)

Autumn Semester (HSG HS)

I teach two Econometrics courses in the Autumn Semester.

1.  Bayesian Econometrics (Master's Level)
2.  Further Topics in Regression Analysis (Bachelor's level)

Getting Started with Econometrics Software

There are many introductory resources on the internet for various econometric or statistical software packages that you may be interested in. I have pooled a few of these together and have made them available in the left side-panel of this page.

The best way to learn a new software is to sit down in front of a computer and start working with it. Although it is annoying at times work through a very simple introductory example, it is going to help you later on when you try to implement more difficult programs, so it is time well invested.

Masters students

I am always looking for Masters students interested in research topics similar to mine. If you would like to write a Masters thesis under my supervisions, send me an email to arrange a meeting.